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Office Pawalegal

Queso’s primary duties at Incline Law Group include increasing employee morale, delivering mail, and checking everyone’s trash can for food scraps.  He is very involved in the local community and has already begun making a name for himself.  You might see him down at one of the local beaches volunteering for the IVGID Goose Patrol program.  He also frequents many of the local bars and restaurants on the weekends.  Queso is high energy and extremely food motivated as any good Labrador puppy should be.  His work schedule varies but he is usually in the office three to four days per week.  Feel free to schedule a meeting with him the next time you are meeting with one of our attorneys or other staff members.  While he doesn’t charge an hourly rate, he gladly accepts donations in the form of dog treats.

Willow Cornelius

Legal Assistant to Stacey F. Herhusky, Esq. and Jeremy Krenek, Esq.


Stacy Crocket

Legal Assistant to Cassell von Baeyer, Esq.

Stacy was born and raised in Incline Village. She studied abroad in Vetlanda, Sweden and Cuernavaca, Mexico. She graduated cum laude from the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. In her free time, Stacy enjoys spending time with her dog, family and friends, travelling the world, and doing anything outdoors in Tahoe.


Helena Flores

Legal Assistant to Cassell von Baeyer, Esq. and Chris D. Nichols, Esq.

Helena moved to Nevada in 1999 from So Cal.  She is married and has three children and 3 grandchildren with whom she enjoys spending time. Helena loves to be outdoors and currently took up bike riding and is now enjoying Northern Nevada from a new view. Helena has been working as a legal assisant since 1987.


Crystal Lyle

Legal Assistant to Andrew N. Wolf, Esq. & Vera Struc, Esq. 

Crystal has lived in Tahoe since the 3rd grade and graduated from North Tahoe High School.  She loves living in the area and being able to enjoy  the numerous outdoor activities we are so lucky to have access too. She married her high school sweetheart they have two English bulldogs. Crystal’s favorite activity is paddle boarding with the bulldogs and watching people laugh as her female sticks her tongue out as she rides.  She became a legal assistant after college because the law intrigued her and still continues to every day.


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