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“Common Sense Brilliance – Andy Wolf is one of the most intelligent people I have every had the privilege of working with. He thinks through every issue, sees it from all sides, and looks at all the possibilities. He uses common sense in everything he does. Andy has an amazing memory for facts and case numbers, as well as everything that was said from phone conversations to depositions to in court testimony. He looks out for his clients’ best interest while giving every facet of a case consideration.” – S. M.

We operate an elevator business in California and had reincorporated in Nevada. A snafu with the California State Contractor’s Licensing Board threatened us with having to shut down our operations for a period of several weeks. Even though this was an out of state issue, Andy Wolf quickly researched the applicable laws and regulations to find a way out of our dilemma, allowing us to continue in business uninterrupted. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable and responsive, I found Andy to be very personable as well. Would recommend him without hesitation. – Van Harris

“Great Attention to Detail – Andrew Wolf meticulously reviewed complex real estate purchase documents that included issues such as buoy ownership, survey issues and land coverage discrepancies from a property that had seen decades of modifications. He clearly explained the issues and negotiated on our behalf to bring both sides to a satisfactory agreement and helped consummate the sale.” – Real Estate Client

“Thank you, Andy, for your thorough review and analysis of the Hold Harmless Agreement we submitted to you for consideration. This was exactly what I was waiting for as well as the guidance. I appreciate your time on our behalf.” – B. N.


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“In EVERY case (of which I have had three separate cases and possibly another case for Cassell to work on), my experiences have been truly phenomenal. Incline Law Group consists of the utmost professionals and I consider this firm my “go to” for any issue relating to real estate matters. You all are part of my team!!! Cassell and Helena are my “go-to” girls!!!” – G.S.

“We could not be more pleased with Cassell’s representation.” – Real Estate Client

Cassell von Baeyer with Incline Law Group has been my Real Estate attorney for several years. She has given me expert advice and counsel on multiple real estate issues. She is very accessible and responsive. Recently we worked on a project that was very complicated. It also needed to be handled expeditiously due filing deadlines.

Cassell jumped on the project, helped me understand all of the issues and made recommendations that would a win-win solution for me and the other parties. She contacted the parties and negotiated a very successful outcome.

I know it is hard to decide when you are looking for an attorney. Cassell was actually referred to me by a realtor that I highly respect. I am so glad I contacted her. Even though we have only talked on the phone since I live in Florida, we hit it off immediately. I have always been treated like a priority with her and her office staff. And the highly successful outcome on a very technical real estate problem speaks volumes about her expertise and commitment to help!

If you are in need of a real estate or business attorney, please give Cassell a call! You will be glad you did!” – Clare D.

Cassell has always remained diligent, extremely responsive to my contract needs and maintained a level of professionalism that I have found rare in the Nevada legal community. She will always be the first person I consult for any contract questions myself or my corporation has.” – B. D.


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Stacey Herhusky was a huge asset in my difficult divorce. She gave sound advice and I felt totally supported. It was a comfort to have her in my corner. I highly recommend her.” – D. H.

“Stacey Herhusky did an outstanding job renegotiating terms of a previously mediated divorce. She was able to keep negotiations out of court while coming to reasonable agreements that kept contention to a minimum. I can’t thank her enough.” – Scott

“Great Divorce Attorney – Stacey Herhusky was recommended to me by my Brother, also an attorney. She kept me sane through an extremely upsetting process. She always explained what to expect and why it needed to occur. Hopefully, I will never get divorced again! If I were ever to remarry, I would consult with Stacey on a prenuptial agreement.” – K. K.

“I often say…if I had known how difficult the divorce was going to be, I might not have done it. But if I knew how great it was going to be on the other side, then I would do it 10 times over. You tell your clients I said so, Stacey. And you were great! Thanks for being there for me.” – V. W.

Stacey Herhusky mediated and settled a divorce for my ex-wife and I. Her approach was balanced, thorough and compassionate. What could have been a contentious process ended amicably and extremely fair. I recommend her to anyone in similar circumstance.” – Family Law Client


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Chris Nichols provided outstanding legal guidance as well as ensuring that my legal cost were efficiently managed for me throughout the process. His rates are fair! He was also very responsive via e mail and phone. He provided excellent and quality service. I always felt that my needs were met and that he was invested in me and my case. I would not hesitate to use Chris again should I need further assistance in the future. – Bankruptcy Client

Chris is very knowledgeable in real estate matters. He is patient and does well explaining things. I have enjoyed working with him over the past 10 years. – Real Estate Client

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